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If you have looked through our web site and still cannot find the shower pan or tub that you are looking for we would like to offer you a quick and affordable alternative. All you need to do is send us your broken unit and we will prepare the surface and laminate a complete new fiberglass liner over the inside of your broken pan/tub. Then we will apply a gel coat finish to the surface in either colonial white or pure white. This will produce a pan or tub that is far stronger and trouble free than the original ever was. The surface will be of a somewhat fibrous texture but still smooth enough to keep clean and attractive. Prices will vary according to the size and shape but remain close to the cost of a new unit. Turn around time is one week or less.


Warranty: All fiberglass bathtubs, shower tubs and shower pans or fiberliners manufactured after May 1, 2008 are guaranteed not to leak for a period of 15 years from the date of purchase with the exception of damages brought on by intentional abuse, collision, blow outs, fires, and loose or leaking drain collars. All other leak related problems will be covered with a FREE replacement (shipping costs and removal/replacement not included). The free replacement relates only to cracks that result in leakage. Hairline or cosmetic cracks are not covered.


Email a photo and dimensions for a price quote to: sierraengineering@rvpartssierra.comOur fiberliner is a seamless durable fiberglass liner for your cracked or broken bathtubs and shower pans. Our process gives your old tub or pan new life.

Virtually eliminates future problems from occurring by utilizing a chopped seamless gel coated fiberglass liner that greatly strengthens the existing until at about the same cost of a new unit. Stronger and longer lasting than ABS product.

Eliminates looking for a replacement and guarantees a perfect fit when re-installing.

Practically eliminates flexing and gives user a sense of confidence.

Choice of color: pure white or off white.

Simply remove your old tub or pan from the RV and send it to us and within 3 to 7 working says we will return it back better than new.

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